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Santa Ana IR-4 Adoption Visa Lawyers  Offering Legal Guidance To Parents Bringing Adopted Children to the US

If you’re about to begin the international adoption process, it’s important to consider all the steps to take to bring a child from another country to the US so you can adopt them. One detail to think about is how to obtain the visa your child will need to live, study, and work in this country indefinitely. Fortunately, there’s a type of visa made for this scenario, and it’s called the IR-4 adoption visa.

This allows US citizens to bring a newly adopted child to the US before the adoption has been finalized. So, if you want to make the adoption official once you return to the US with your child, the IR-4 adoption visa may be right for you. When you hire the caring immigration attorneys at US Migration Solution, PLLC, we’ll help you complete every step of the visa process. Contact our Santa Ana law firm to get started at your convenience.

What Is the IR-4 Adoption Visa?

When a US citizen wants to bring a child or parent from another country to live with them in the US, they can rely on the immediate relative (IR) visa category to allow this. When you choose the IR visa that works for your situation and follow the application instructions, your family member could end up on their way to your home in the US in less than a year. This is particularly good news if you’re seeking to adopt a child and are excited to welcome them home as soon as possible.

There are two IR visas that apply to international adoptions. One is the IR-3 visa, which is likely right for you if you’ll complete the adoption process in another country before coming home. But if you plan to travel to another country and bring your new child home to the US before finalizing the adoption, you need the IR-4 adoption visa.

The benefit of this is that you can get guardianship of the child in their home country first and bring them to the US to settle in while they wait for the adoption to be finalized. When they arrive, they will have a green card that permits them to enroll in school or find a job immediately. They can also apply for citizenship after living in the US for five years. If you think this visa would benefit your child, contact our Santa Ana IR-4 adoption visa lawyers to apply.

How Can a Child Qualify for an IR-4 Adoption Visa?

Before sponsoring your adopted child for this visa, you must meet the eligibility guidelines. First, you need a valid US address where your adopted child will live. You also have to pass an eligibility test given by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and make it clear that you plan to get guardianship of the child before finalizing the adoption in the US.

If you meet these requirements, the next step is ensuring the child you adopt meets specific guidelines. They must be under 21, unmarried, and from a Hague or Non-Hague Convention country. They also have to meet the adoption criteria put forth by the US Immigration and Nationality Act.

If you’re unsure if you and the child you want to adopt can meet these requirements, please call our immigration law firm in Santa Ana. Our IR-4 adoption visa attorneys have assisted many families through the process of applying for this and other immediate relative visas, so we can provide the guidance you need.

How Long Does the IR-4 Adoption Visa Process Take?

One of the main benefits of the IR-4 visa is that there is no maximum amount of IR visas issued each year. This means that you don’t have to enter a visa lottery or expect to wait years like people often do for other types of visas. As long as you and the child you adopt are eligible and fill out the correct forms, you will get the visa quickly.

Of course, there’s no way to predict exactly how soon you’ll get it, especially since this depends on how long each step of the adoption process takes you. But in general, the processing time for the IR-4 adoption visa is six months to one year. If you’re eager to begin the visa application so you can start showing your child around the US within the year, contact our Santa Ana family immigration law firm for legal support.

What Can IR-4 Adoption Visa Lawyers Do for Your Case?

As you start to research the IR-4 visa application process, you will likely notice that it requires you to fill out several forms to file with the court. Each form typically requires supporting documentation and has a fee associated with it. If this sounds time consuming and even intimidating, it’s recommended that you talk to an experienced lawyer.

You don’t want to leave such an important process to chance since your child will not be legally allowed to come home right away if the visa application is rejected or delayed. You deserve peace of mind as you look forward to completing the adoption and bringing your child to the US, and that’s what you’ll get when you hire US Migration Solution, PLLC.

When you get legal support from our trusted IR-4 adoption visa lawyers in Santa Ana, you can expect us to clearly explain every stage of the application and ensure you know what’s next. With our guidance on your case, you can rest assured that all forms and supporting documents will be filed on time so you can get the visa as soon as possible. To learn more, contact our Santa Ana law office at 305-680-1432.

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