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Living life to the fullest often means embracing all the experiences and cultures that this world has to offer. From exploring new places and tasting exotic cuisine to learning about different lifestyles and customs – traveling abroad can be an incredible way to open your eyes to the wonders of this world.

At US Migration Solution, PLLC, we understand there are countless opportunities that await you when you travel abroad. We want to make sure no one is left behind by helping those who require a re-entry permit in order to regain their U.S. citizenship status. This permit allows individuals who are living outside of the United States for more than a year the chance to come back home with ease – allowing them to explore without fear of being restricted from returning.

Traveling abroad also allows people access to a vast array of cultural experiences that would not otherwise be available in their home country. People can sample traditional foods from around the world, learn about historical landmarks and gain invaluable knowledge through educational programs, such as language classes and other courses offered at universities across Europe and Asia.

For many, traveling abroad provides the opportunity for personal growth while allowing them to meet interesting people from around the globe. Traveling offers more than just short-term rewards; it gives travelers lasting memories that will stay with them forever – encouraging them to challenge themselves even further each and every day. With a re-entry permit from US Migration Solution, PLLC, you will have nothing holding you back from experiencing a whole new world full of possibility and opportunity – it’s time for you to get out there and start living life fully! Contact our law firm today at 305-680-1432 for a consultation with our team.

What is a Re-Entry Permit?

When a permanent resident of the United States leaves the country for an extended period of time, they are required to obtain a re-entry permit in order to re-enter. A re-entry permit is essentially a document that allows a permanent resident to travel outside the U.S. and return without having to apply for a new immigrant visa when returning.

The main benefit of obtaining a re-entry permit is that it allows a permanent resident to remain outside the United States for up to two years without losing their status as a lawful permanent resident (LPR). This is especially beneficial for those who plan on traveling or living abroad temporarily but wish to maintain their LPR status in the U.S., such as if they have family, business, or other obligations that would require them to frequently enter the country.

How to Apply for a Re-Entry Permit

In order to apply for a re-entry permit, an individual must submit Form I-131 (Application for Travel Document) along with supporting documents and applicable fees. The required documentation includes proof of permanent residence status, two passport-style photographs, copies of any previous travel documents issued by USCIS, and evidence that shows why the applicant needs a re-entry permit.

Applicants are also required to attend an in-person interview with an immigration officer before their application is approved. During this interview, the applicant must demonstrate that they intend to return to the United States after traveling abroad and provide additional proof of their ties to the U.S.

What Complications Can Happen When Applying for a Re-Entry Permit?

No one likes when obstacles jump up and derail your plans. Unfortunately, many people filing for a re-entry permit may face challenges. While the permit is necessary for staying in the country after a long time away from home, the process of applying can be difficult and demanding.

Applying for a re-entry permit can be hard due to the lack of acceptable information and documents. To get approval for a re-entry permit, you must provide evidence of your legal immigration status and identity. This involves submitting a passport, visa, and other documents that show you are authorized to stay in the US. Getting all of these documents in order can take time. We can assist in preparing these documents for you and advising you throughout the whole process.

If you have a criminal affiliation or charges, it may be very hard to obtain a re-entry permit. In some cases, depending on the seriousness of the charge or crime, you may not be allowed to return to the US even if you have a valid permit from the government.

At US Migration Solution, PLLC, we provide a wide array of immigration services, including helping a permanent resident obtain a re-entry permit. Contact us today to get the help you need!

Is It Worth Hiring a Re-Entry Permit Lawyer?

Re-entry permits are a popular way for US citizens and permanent residents to travel abroad. But the process of obtaining one can be confusing, stressful, and time-consuming. An immigration lawyer in Santa Ana can help you understand the process and make sure that your application is successful. From advising you on your biometrics appointment to preparing your application for travel documents, an immigration attorney from US Migration Solution, PLLC, can take the lead and provide you with the guidance and representation you need to make it through your journey without losing your home. Our immigration lawyers will help you understand the re-entry permit processing time involved as well as the requirements necessary to obtain a re-entry permit.

The cost of hiring an immigration lawyer can seem overwhelming at first, but it could actually save you time and money in the long run. Our experienced attorneys are familiar with every aspect of the process and will make sure that your application is filed correctly and on time. Reach out to US Migration Solution, PLLC, at 305-680-1432 for an initial consultation with our trusted team.

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